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Mike and Judy Stahl

Meet Mike

Mike tapped his first tree as a boy of 57 (funny, but true). Although he is new to the maple syrup business, Mike was born and raised on a 100-acre apple orchard and working farm. He has always had a respect for the land and nature along with a deep understanding of all that it has to offer when you treat it with respect. When he tapped his first tree in 2020, he was hooked; some might say obsessed! He produced 14 gallons of syrup that first season. When the season was over he immediately laid out his plan to pursue this new venture. With the blessing of wonderful neighbors, he expanded from 50 taps in 2020 to over 2500 taps in 2021. No one works harder than Mike and he is happiest when he is in the woods. He is

thrilled to produce and share this wonderful

resource with all of you!

Meet Judy

Judy is along for the ride with Mike - lol! That is mostly true, but she is also delighted with this adventure. Judy is an avid gardener and cans and preserves all the treasures from their garden. She also created the incredible stained glass art that is showcased in the Sweetwater Sugar House (be sure to check it out when you visit us).  She has been self-employed for the past two decades as a work-from-home mom to their three

(now adult) kids. 

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